The right to social welfare is one of the fundamental rights guaranteed by both international law and the national legislation of Ukraine. For objective reasons, in 2014 at the very beginning of the military conflict
in the east of Ukraine, the social welfare system in the Lugansk and Donetsk regions was virtually paralysed.
It was impossible to ensure cash flows and distribution of benefits among social security beneficiaries, as well as the distribution of other payments in areas which were not under the control of the Ukrainian authorities.
In addition, Ukraine was faced with a phenomenon new at the time, i.e. massive internal displacement of people
who needed urgent direct assistance (accommodation, food, health care) and social support. These people also needed the resumption of their welfare benefits at new place of residence. However, the restoration processes were greatly hampered, as there was no unified database of recipients of social benefits.
After more than two years, the public policy of Ukraine has not become more socially oriented or humane towards residents of the non-government controlled areas (NGCA), nor with respect to displaced persons who were forced to flee their homes due to war. Moreover, when exercising their social rights, both those groups face discrimination which, in some cases, is laid down in law. The state continues its systematic social policies involving a "crackdown" on the war-affected population.Justice for peace in Donbas East SOS Social policy Justice for peace in Donbas East SOS Social policy Justice for peace in Donbas East SOS Social policy (pdf-file)

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