International Convention on Protection of Intellectual Freedom

Rechytskyi V.
International Convention on Protection of Intellectual Freedom / V. Rechytskyi; designed by I. Osipov. — Kharkiv: LLC “Human Rights Publisher”, 2019. — 64 p.
ISBN 978-617-7391-53-0
The draft suggests a new version of an entire international law mechanism for legal protection of intellectual freedom in the conditions of democracy and modern legal systems. The project concerns wide scope of creative activities in modern societies, from building new scientific concepts and non-standard approaches in business and finances to creating various symbolic patterns. Using J. Boudrillard and G. Lipovetsky’s philosophical vocabulary it may be said that the draft will touch upon the topic of “the spiral of simulation that predetermines reality”.
The text may be interesting for scholars, political scientists, philosophers of law, specialists in a theory of information and all those who are interested in the problems of modern democracy and human rights’ protection.

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