Human Rights in Ukraine – 2011. Human rights organisations report

Human Rights in Ukraine — 2011. Human rights organisations report. / Editor: Y. Zakharov / Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union. — Kharkiv: Prava Ludyny, 2012. – 328 p.
ISBN 978-617-587-069-3.
This book considers the human rights situation in Ukraine during 2011, it is based on studies by various non-governmental human rights organizations and specialists
in this area. Each unit concentrates on identifying and analysing violations of specific rights in this period, as well as discussing any positive moves which were made in protecting the given rights. Current legislation which encourages infringements of rights and freedoms is also analyzed, together with draft laws which could change the situation. The conclusions of the research contain recommendations for eliminating the violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms and improving the overall situation.

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